Hello, I am Paulo Henrique Souto Maior Serrano.

A big name for a big human (1.88m). I am graduated in journalism, master in applied linguistics, teacher and web developer.

I like fiction, running, cheese and my work.

Feel free to see my portfolio, or my lattes curriculum.

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  • The mustache can be more than an amazing aesthetic acessory. The proposal of the Movember and Sons campaign is to use the full potential of this style of facial hair to disclose an important initiative for awareness of the importance of prevention of prostate and testicle cancer. The idea is simple and creative, in November let his mustache grow, be it style collector, pyramidal, horseshoe … Or even inspired by the great: Mario, Girafales, Dali, Einstein, Ghandi, Zorro, Poirot, Dupond …

    The mustache generates an instant reaction in the beholder, whether repulsion “What is this stupid thing in your face?” Or wonder “What an impressive mustache!” It is because of this positive or negative reaction that the whole campaign unfolds starting the conversation to the explanations of the reasons that led you to cultivate that. The person explain the campaign and directs the caller to the care in the prevention of prostate and testicle cancer.

    It is a fundamental part of the campaign to inform, especially the need for the PSA or prostate specific antigen exams, especially for men over the age of 40 or with a family history.

    The Movember campaign also receives donations to fund research in this area. Last year grossed $127 million, being a major source of research funding to combat prostate cancer.

    Official website of the campaign:

    Video of TEDx from the co-founder Adam Garone explaining the movement: