Hello, I am Paulo Henrique Souto Maior Serrano.

A big name for a big human (1.88m). I am graduated in journalism, master in applied linguistics, teacher and web developer.

I like fiction, running, cheese and my work.

Feel free to see my portfolio, or my lattes curriculum.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you think I can be useful.

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  • The dynamics of operation and consistency between the guidelines of conduct and practice by the editing community of Lusophone version of Wikipedia is the theme of this work.

    The online encyclopedia can be freely changed by users that browse its contents. These editions may remain or may be changed, and these decisions are performed in a specific discussion page, where people can argue about the differences of opinions and reach consensus. This process takes place from cognitive and pragmatic sanctions given to themes and figures that make up the thematic isotopies of users speaches.

    But these sanctions are consistent with the Wikipedia principles?

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